CHILDREN: Parents are fully responsible for the behavior and welfare of their children. Children must be supervised when using any campground facility. No bicycle riding after dark and helmets must be worn when riding. Children must stay on campsite during quiet hours.

PETS: Must be kept on your own campsite. They must be kept on a leash at all times and are not permitted in any building. They should not disturb other campers and should not be left unattended. Owners must properly dispose of pet waste and will be responsible for any property damage or personal injury. Pets may not be walked in the campground.

VISITORS: It will be the responsibility of each camper to register all visitors. Please limit the number of vehicles to no more than 2 per site. Visitors must check in with the office upon entering. No visitors past 10 p.m..

BATHROOMS: We take pride in providing you with very clean and sanitary facilities. Please inform all your party that we need cooperation from everyone. Do no wear muddy or wet clothes inside. Please dry off in the shower stalls before entering bathroom. Clothing, cooking utensils or dishes may not be washed in the bathroom. Please report any problem to the office. In order to keep the park as quiet as possible, please do not drive vehicles to and from the bathrooms during quiet hours (10 PM-7 AM). Bathrooms are closed at 1 PM for cleaning.

GARBAGE: Please put in dumpster at campground entrance. Please do not put trash or garbage in campfire rings. Do not leave garbage outdoors at night.

CAMPFIRES: Permitted in in designated areas only. To avoid accidents and flat tires, do not burn wood with nails or wires. Please do not move fire rings.

MOTOR VEHICLES: Licensed drivers only permitted to operate vehicle in the campground. Motorbikes are permitted only for transportation to and from campground. All vehicles require a pass including visitors.

FIREARMS: No firearms, firecrackers, fireworks or any explosives allowed.

TREES: Do not deface, cut, drive nails or attach objects to trees,bushes or light Poles.

MESSAGES: Telephone messages and mail may be picked up in office.

ROCKS: Please do not remove rocks from river and leave on campsite.

ALCOHOL: This is a family campground. Guests are expected to keep alcoholic beverages at their campsites or the pavilion.

LIQUID WASTE: The health department strictly forbids emptying any liquid including dish water at campsite area. Those using containers should make sure these don't overflow before being emptied.

RESERVATIONS: To avoid confusion with reservations please notify before noon if staying another night or unable to leave before check out time. Campers will be charged a fee for staying past 1 PM check out time. Reservations will be forfeited at 9 PM unless office is notified.

CAR WASHING: No washing of vehicles or RVs allowed.

SEWER HOOKUP: Please use sewer seal.

CLOTHESLINES: No clotheslines allowed.

These rules apply to Campers at all times.

*No refunds on rent if moving early.

*No electrical heaters or appliances used for heating purposes (we have ways to monitor for excessive power usage). If electricity is found being used for heating, you will be asked to move immediately without refund.

*You will vacate premises if management feels you are disturbing the peace of others in this campsite.

*Management reserves the right to refuse admittance to any campers due to the state and condition of their equipment.

*Camper must be in good working condition with all extremities in place and working order. Subject to be inspected by management.

*Failure to pay campsite rate on time is subject to late charges.

*No large or unruly dogs. Management reserves the right to determine suitability.

*You agree to vacate a site upon managements request without management giving cause or reason for your vacating the site.

*ABSOLUTELY NO drug usage (or appearance thereof), nor will ANY public drunkenness be tolerated.